JULY 10 day Challenge

The PEACH up yo life Challenge 🍑☝️

Join us for a fun 10 day challenge!⁣⁣


Post on page or story!

⁣TAG @newportpeach

⁣⁣Challenge post options:⁣⁣

•Post a pose from anywhere or video a move from any of our class styles (STEP, Buti, Deep, Hotcore) ⁣

•Post with a stranger you just told about The Peach 🍑

⁣•Bring a friend for her first time -Post an after class pic

⁣•Find Peaches in the Wild

⁣•Post yourself in Peach Swag⁣⁣

🏅WINNER for hitting every post in 10 days⁣

🏅WINNER for most creative

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